My Services

Consultations available in-person, over the phone, or via Skype.


Fee: $150/hour 

*This fee can be pro-rated for consults that take less time. I also offer a sliding scale for those living with financial barriers. Please if you are looking for help, send me an email on the contact page, and I will see what I can do to help you.


School and College Consulting

 I consider the students background, current and past achievement, challenges and goals, and then help the family develop an appropriate list of schools. This might be helping a student in K-12 transfer to a different school, or it might involve offering suggestions for how to help the current school placement be more effective. I also help students develop an appropriate list of colleges to apply to, managing the timeline, process of admissions, interviews, and essays. College planning package pricing available. 


General Support

 I review all the information currently available, such as educational and/or medical testing, and what the family has done to date. Then I help develop a new plan that will hopefully get the student and family on the right path. That might be looking at different schools, suggesting new or additional testing, overhauling the diet, or directing the student/family toward a specific therapeutic model or practitioner. 


Workshops & Speaking Engagements

 I offer dynamic workshops that help educate parents as well as a variety of professionals, on topics such as: the gut-brain connection, hidden toxins in our environment and food supply, converting to a gluten or milk free/allergy friendly diet, epi-genetics, and neuroplasticity. I am always able to customize my material.