About Me

My Background


I have an undergraduate degree in psychology from Bryn Mawr College, a Master’s Degree in Counseling and a School Counseling Certification from The University of Pennsylvania. I have been in the trenches with children and teens for 20 years now, working in both private and public schools, and in private practice. My work and my philosophy became that much more significant to me when my firstborn daughter became very ill shortly after birth. It took years to recover her physical health and this had a huge impact on her early development and education. Despite being told that there was no known cause or treatment for my daughter’s condition, I persisted and found a whole other world of medicine and therapeutic techniques. The result was her total healing. My daughter is now thriving physically and is an honors student! I want every child to experience success and wellness!

My Approach


I have unofficially been given the nickname “the educational detective.” I earned the nickname because over the years I have gained expertise in a variety of alternative methodologies for education and wellness, and I have learned to dig below the surface to find the root cause of struggles – and I usually find the culprit(s)!  The culprit could be an undiagnosed learning disability, or it could be a physical health challenge, such as a missed Lyme or Strep infection, or undiscovered IgG food allergies that have gone unaddressed. I make sure no stone has been left unturned, I make sure we have a clear picture, and then I help develop a path forward.

Why Me?


  I believe that all children want to learn and be successful, and that lack of academic achievement or motivation, and challenging behaviors in the classroom or at home, are simply expressions of an underlying issue that needs attention. I believe that in order to help a student succeed in the classroom, the college admissions process, and the job market, you must consider the whole picture – physical and emotional health, cognitive/academic ability, goals and level of motivation, and all the environments in which an individual spends his/her time (school, home, club and sports facilities, etc.,). I have a deep love of and respect for kids of all ages, and I will walk side by side with any parent who wants to help their child achieve success and happiness!