Monica Reinhard-Gorney, MS.Ed

Helping kids and families reach academic, social, and emotional goals

My Mission


  *To empower parents with information, resources, and strategies that will help put their child(ren) on a new, more successful path

*To help kids of all ages reach their full emotional, physical, and cognitive/academic potential 

About Me


Simply put – I believe in kids! I know that the body, brain and spirit are capable of change and healing. I believe in the proven scientific principle of neuroplasticity, which means that brain wiring can and will change with exposure to the right activities or therapeutic interventions. I use my 20 years of unique experience to offer parents new insight and solutions! 

My Books


I have co-authored two books designed to help students and parents find direction 

No Manual? No Problem!

A Student's Guide to Communication and Self-Presentation